Following Jesus, fulfilling His mission

Sermons on Jesus

Nehemiah 13 – Our Need for Jesus

The story of Nehemiah (and Ezra that comes before) is one of restoration and renewal. Because of their unfaithfulness to God despite his constant and gracious patience and calling of his people back to himself through the prophets, Israel is taken captive and into exile, out of their land, under the rule of foreign nations.…

Mark 1 Introduction

The Gospel of Mark – Introduction
Storytellers. Mark is a storyteller, and the story he is telling is the story of Jesus Christ through the lens of the Apostle Peter’s stories for Roman Christians undergoing persecution under Nero.
And it is a story that is for everyone.
The Gospel of Mark tells the story of some of the most significant and astounding events in Jesus’ ministry.

Ian Dicks

Ian Dicks – Crossing The Street, Journeying With Our Neighbor So They Can See Jesus

Ian Dicks is an expert in cross cultural ministry and along with his wife Wendy have served in Malawi for the past twenty years with the Yawo people. Ian is now on staff at Whitley College, Melbourne, and also continues with their work in Malawi through Global Interaction. Romans 10:11-15 (ESV) 11 For the Scripture says,…