Following Jesus, fulfilling His mission

16 Confident Living in Uncertain Times Ephesians 5:1f

Over our COVID-19 season I’ve been humbled and blessed by such a wonderful team – from our musicians to the desk crew to children’s ministry zooming and what Sarah and Riley have done and LIFE group leaders continuing to admin working at home and in office to worship leaders leading with no congregation in front of them and an unforgiving camera to the Pathuis crew burning CD’s and delivering them to the door of those not online in the bleakness of winter. Stunning.

Today you will hear from Sue and Graeme Swincer – in the legal world they would be referred to as expert witnesses in the land of all things refugee. They are incredibly gracious people and humble servants of Jesus. Hear their story well, please. They have skin on when it comes to the subject of refugees.

That leads us into communion where we reflect on Romans 15 and what it means to ‘welcome’.