Following Jesus, fulfilling His mission

The Fairly Unfair God – Matthew 20:1-16

When you look at these pictures, your eyes are drawn to see one thing more readily than the other. It’s not the same for everyone one, but everyone will see something…

But when you see the other thing that you didn’t notice, all of a sudden there’s the moment of revelation. There’s this moment of surprise. There’s this moment of “wow, my eyes have been opened to something that was there that I didn’t see!”

And this moment of revelation can also be called a “paradigm shift.”

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“Paradigm shift” is a bit of a funny phrase, but what I mean by it, is a fundamental change in your understanding of how things look or work. Our frame of reference, or the way we see things completely changes.

Our culture had a huge paradigm shift about 10 years ago. For those who are young, you won’t understand this one because you have always had them, but on the 29th June 2007, this speech was made…I wonder if you can guess the person and the paradigm shift that was begun…

“This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for two-and-a-half years. Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything…” 

Do you know what this speech is from?  [Slide 5] This is how Steve Jobs introduced the first Iphone. And it sounded arrogant, but we have to look at that and say that he was actually right, the iphone was a device that changed a lot in society.

All of a sudden, our way of connecting with people, surfing the internet, listening to music, working with computers – all completely shifted to being pocket sized, and available to everyone.

For those who have always had smart phones, this wouldn’t make sense, but for the majority of us, we have mostly lived in a world where we haven’t been so connected as we are now thanks to the introduction of the iphone. It has completely shifted our frame of reference for interaction with one another and the world.

The introduction of the iphone has been one of our cultures most significant social paradigm shifts we’ve seen.

Steve jobs was impressive and shifted how we use technology, but this story that we’ve just acted out is about the king of the paradigm shift, and his name is Jesus.