Following Jesus, fulfilling His mission

May Mission Month – Influencer Miss Tuck

Isabella Lilias Trotter was a women of influence. Remember her prayer: ‘ Lord, give me the fellowship with Thee about the heathen that Thou hast given to those two.’

Last week we considered Charles Simeon 1759-1836 Anglican minister at Cambridge where he served for 54 years and was at the forefront of the modern mission movement leading men (Simeonites) like Samuel Marsden – Australia’s second chaplain to the new colonies and frontier missionary to New Zealand.

The great Evangelical Awakening of the 1800’s sprang directly from Simeon’s ministry and had a tremendous impact around the world (Moule)

Today is the 50th anniversary of the original Victor Harbor Baptist Church being opened, and it had much to do with an influencer by the name of Miss Tuck…