Following Jesus, fulfilling His mission

The Property Story

Psalm 81:10 (ESV) Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.
Some 25 years ago the congregation of Victor Harbor Baptist Church needed a facility that would allow for greater Kingdom impact and future growth. By the grace of God and the dedication, time and hard work of many people from this church, the building you see now was completed.

Over the past fifteen years as the church has grown in size and impact, the building narrative has continued to gain momentum. In 2012 the members approved the purchasing of the unoccupied 269 Port Elliot Road house block with future growth and development in mind.

With the appointment of the Development Planning team in 2016 comes the initial proposal that our building facilities need to:

  • Meet current and future church needs
  • Be responsive to a growing regional population with diverse needs and ministry opportunities
  • Make the best use of our site

The Need
Some reading this were involved in the previous church build. What took place then allowed for ‘future generations [to] hear about the wonders of the Lord’ (Psalm 22:30–31). So too this proposed project will ensure ‘His righteous acts will be told to those not yet born’.

This proposed property development is about opportunity for the future and leaving a legacy for future generations. Over recent years the church has continued to grow to the point that its current facilities are no longer adequate and are inhibitors to growth and Kingdom expansion.

The Vision
Our primary purpose is to glorify God. We do this through loving God, loving our neighbour, and making disciples in obedience to the commands of Jesus.

We believe a new building will enable us to develop and grow our current ministry and activities as well as providing the necessary space for our growing ministries. Victor Harbor Baptist Church is ideally situated as a place of significant spiritual impact being located on the expanding Southern Fleurieu Peninsula, servicing as far as Currency Creek and Goolwa through to Willunga, Mt Compass, and Normanville.

The Plan
The consultation process with the congregation in 2016/17 has reinforced the need for a multi-purpose, modern, intergenerational building, with facilities for all ages and families. It needs to have suitable capacity and facilities to provide for a range of community (church and local) based needs, activity and events – current and future.

Requirements for the building include:

  • Functional accommodation for current and anticipated ministries
  • A versatile reception/foyer/café/ hospitality space
  • Administration and Pastor’s office space
  • Infants play area (indoor) and playground (outside)
  • Ample flexible storage
  • Bathroom/toilet amenities that are fully accessible
  • Additional rooms for future community-based ministries
  • Incorporating current facilities

The Cost
The approximate cost of this project is estimated at $3m – $3.5m. This is an intimidating amount of money for any congregation. However, we believe that God’s plan for the congregation is to serve this location, and therefore we are looking to raise the necessary funds. The leadership is committed to executing our building plan with as little debt as possible, understanding that ministry is not sustained through money, but through obedience.

The total sum required for the building project is undeniably challenging, but the biblical principle for giving is that each is to give generously as they can afford (as the Lord has blessed them – 1 Cor. 16:2). We are not expected to give what we don’t have, or beyond, but to give from what we have (2 Cor. 8:12). When we do we can trust that God will provide for His work.

We are asking that people consider committing to regular giving for a time period (for example 3 or 5 years), to allow the leadership to plan financing the project. We understand that any commitment made may be subject to change as individual circumstances change.

The Financial Strategy
The Development Team along with the Elders and Leadership Team are prayerfully considering finance options from the following sources:

  • The church property account and savings
  • congregational giving – one off gifts + ongoing giving + pledges
  • interest free loans
  • bequests
  • potential agency grants
  • bank loan from Baptist Financial Services
  • assistance from congregation volunteer trades people

How You Can Help

  • Pray for wisdom and patience as we seek the funds needed to build our new church
  • Contribute through direct giving/ongoing pledges
  • Support fundraising programmes
  • Promote the project to our community and share the exciting vision God has entrusted us with. If you have any questions or would like some more information, please contact us.

Feel free to speak with any of our Property & Facilities Development Planning (PFDP) Task force: Graham Pathuis (Chair); Rob Burgess; Karen Burgess; Erin Croft; John Humphrys; Terry Skinner; Pastor Tony Ling.

0528 Needs Analysis Report VHBC – final (May 2017)