Following Jesus, fulfilling His mission

What/who do you put your faith in?

Everyone puts their faith in something…whether it is that the traffic lights will all be in sync when you pull up at an intersection, that your chair won’t collapse when sit in it, or maybe even Australia Post as you trust that a letter will arrive on time. Although, as Peter explains this can often be misplaced trust! But what or who should we place our trust in that will have significance both for the now as we live our every day lives, and into eternity?

Join us as Peter shares his experience of relating with those around him who are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. He unpacks the significance of placing our trust in Jesus, the only name under heaven by which we must be saved.

Of course, with any refection on faith there comes the question about doubt. Is it ok for a Christian to doubt? Is it ok for a follower of Jesus to express doubt to another? What do we do with doubt? With honesty and a sense of vulnerability, Peter shares his own story of doubt, & the release he felt when that was expressed and shared with another. Faith & doubt are not equal opposites. When held together, paradoxically doubt leads us to the search of truth, which in turn leads to a deeper faith.


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