Following Jesus, fulfilling His mission, in community together.

Top Ten Commandments

no other gods; commandments; idols; worship

You Shall Not Steal

“You shall not steal” Exodus 20:15 – the eight commandment in God’s top ten that he gave to his people after bringing them up out of slavery in Egypt. At the giving of the law, Yahweh was forming for himself a people through whom all nations would be blessed & come to know the one…


The Mission of God in the Ten Commandments

The mission of God as seen in the Ten Commandments: As God set Israel free from slavery, He wanted to frame their public and private lives by introducing how relationship with Him and with others was to look like – you will only have one God, you will not have idols, you will not take His name in vain…. You will not murder, steal, commit adultery, want what is someone elses…

And as Israel would obey these commands in their (to use the words of Newbigin) public and private lives, they would be a light for the nations.
And so the Ten Commandments reflect the missional heart of God in the OT – the mission of God.